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A dozen years of waiting, this is what Devil May Cry fans have to go through to face a sequel series that should be from the story that was immediately thrown by Capcom. The waiting process is indeed not easy, especially considering that Capcom went through a "strange" phase where it seemed that they did not believe in the potential of their own legacy franchise or presented a new series that deviated from the roots of its main identity. That longing was somewhat relieved by the spin-off project from Ninja Theory a few years ago. But in the end, the series will not have the same appeal as Devil May Cry, which was created by Capcom's own internal team. Fortunately, Capcom came back to their senses and finally released the newest series - Devil May Cry 5.

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Those of you who have read our preview seem to have a little idea about what Devil May Cry 5 is going to offer and why we fell in love with it from the first sight. That in keeping with our super short gameplay session at the last TGS 2018 event, Capcom does carry a strategy similar to what they did with Resident Evil 7 and Resident 2 Remake - maintaining its old appeal but with new visuals. With him, they push the story further and introduce new, refreshing characters. As far as our first impressions go, the execution fulfills what we need and want.

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So, what does Devil May Cry 5 actually offer? Why do we call it a series that returns in style? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

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Capcom has indeed confirmed the change in the Devil May Cry story timeline some time ago and positioned Devil May Cry 4 as a sequel to Devil May Cry 2. With these changes, the continuation of the Devil May Cry story is now following an increasing number, with a unique case of "3" playing a role. as a prequel to this entire saga. Such a system makes Devil May Cry 5 now act as a direct sequel to Devil May Cry 4, as well as confirming the animated version as part of the canon story to be noticed.

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The good news? Capcom understands quite well that there will be many gamers who are interested in this fifth series, jump in, and enjoy the side of the gameplay it offers without having played the four Devil May Cry series before. For gamers like this, Capcom provides a separate menu called "History of DMC" which, as can be expected, contains the conclusion of the story of each series in the new timeline. The good news? He is charming. The timeline story is presented in a simple, straightforward manner, and contains all important information that is essential for newcomers to immediately enjoy Devil May Cry 5. Much better than what Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3 did with their similar menu a while back.

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The Devil May Cry 5 story itself centers on a mysterious figure who calls himself "V". He ends up visiting Dante at the Devil May Cry office for a task that is not easy to do - destroying a threatening super strong demon. Dante, who happens to need money to keep his demon-hunting office alive, agrees, even though V himself has given advice about a threat level that is much higher than everything Dante has been fighting so far. The super strong demon is known to be named Urizen and he lives on the throne of the demon tree named Qliphoth. But unfortunately, Urizen turned out to be much stronger than what Dante et al. They ended up being "slaughtered" with an unclear final fate.

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Meanwhile, on the other hand, Nero, who had tried to help Dante against Urizen, also could not do much to turn things around. Held by V in the name of "securing" the only potential to defeat Urizen if Dante ends up dying, the fiery Nero must be pulled back. The condition also worsens, considering that Nero's demonic hand is his main weapon - Devil Bringer was also successfully cut and stolen by a mysterious figure some time before. The condition that makes Nero now have to use a mechanical hand called "Devil Breaker" which was formulated by a passionate female engineer named Nico. Urizen is a threat that can no longer be underestimated.

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So, who exactly is this Urizen figure? Can Dante and company destroy it and return the city of Red Grave to its original state? What new powers will they get to keep up with Urizen? You can get all the answers to these questions by playing Devil May Cry 5.

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If we talk about one of the newest favorite engines among gamers, especially PC gamers because of the visual quality and optimization it carries, then two thumbs up deserves to be directed at Capcom's RE Engine. First used in Resident Evil 7 and also strengthens Resident Evil 2 Remake, its presence as a base for Devil May Cry 5 seems to strengthen its position as a flexible engine. Not only developing first or third person shooter games with cinematic flavors, it can also be used to mix super high action games with style. Its ability to not only offer detailed environments, but also the effect of bustling particles when buildings are destroyed or just the right clothing materials make Devil May Cry 5 return with the modern flavor it should have.

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If there is one thing that we want to praise from Capcom's move apart from the implementation of the RE Engine that it is carrying, it is that it does not impose a “realistic face” a la Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 before that, which is based on real-world model faces. They managed to maintain the facial shape from the previous series, making it more modern, but on the other hand - it still feels familiar to gamers who have known them in the past, even though Dante. Thumbs up that despite the various changes that have been made, Devil May Cry 5 did not get much "controversy" because of this new, modern direction for their characters. They even managed to execute Trish and Lady's look in a cool "modern" style.

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An extra thumbs up also deserves to be directed at the new character designs and the always fantastic monsters. From the character side, you meet Nico - a sexy engineer who is able to mix cool weapons for Dante and Nero. With such a thick southern accent, it's hard not to compare the way Capcom treated Nico and Square Enix treated Cindy in Final Fantasy XV. When Square Enix felt like it was just selling Cindy's sensuality with such minimal roles, Capcom treated Nico "so well". He was immediately pushed to become a capable supporting character, with a unique and strong personality, significant functionality in gameplay, to super cool cut-scenes that melted with the taste of Devil May Cry that should be. Comparing him to Cindy who just stood up, present with a southern accent, and a role that is easily forgotten, we are so relieved to see how Capcom handled Nico. He is an additional character to a mature franchise that is well handled.

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Meanwhile, from the monster design, Devil May Cry always comes with a design that never disappoints. For this fifth series, it must be admitted, that there are some bosses who are clearly inspired or are indeed related to enemies or bosses that you have conquered in the past, so those who have tasted the old series may feel the lack of variation in this latest series or rather, fall in love. because of the nostalgic sensation that exists. Yet coming from the depths of hell, none of these demon designs would disappoint. From the return of Cerberus in a more fierce form, to Goliath who passed his mouth in his stomach ready to swallow anyone. Threatening and riveting, this is what you will feel every time you face the boss in this series. The good news? The usual enemies you encounter also come with equally cool designs, while being ready to appear annoying through existing attack animations. Enough for us to curse anyone who designed an enemy with teleport ability here.

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We are also relieved to see the characteristics of main characters such as Dante and Nero who return to appear as demon hunters who never forget how to have fun. With Dante fortunately not infected with “Devil May Cry 2” syndrome and returning with so many ridiculous moments, we're also excited to see Nero starting to show the same trend. The arrogance that pays off through the ability to eradicate demons that cannot be underestimated reminds you of Dante's past actions. A change in character that we welcome with open arms.

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We also can't talk about the latest Devil May Cry series without giving extra appreciation for consistency to inject super cool music in it. This fifth series also does not miss injecting these elements. Super cool music will help build the atmosphere you need while you act fast. Capcom also maintains a music association system with the style you get. The higher the fighting style score you get, the music can end up playing different, louder, faster, more "melodious" to be presented along with the clink of your weapon. Interestingly, the music selection this time is no longer limited to rock and metal like the previous series. Music that accompanies the V action, for example, tends to fall into the EDM genre.

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With all sides of this presentation, two thumbs up deserves to be directed at Capcom. That is the case with Resident Evil 2 Remake, they seem to understand what their fans want with the latest series and live up to all those expectations. Dazzling visuals, super cool personalities and animations in the style of the Devil May Cry series so far, character models that haven't changed much, and a choice of music that is so suitable will accompany your journey in Devil May Cry 5.

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You will find classic flavors right away in Devil May Cry 5, which will make you feel familiar, especially if you have had the chance to taste the previous series. They retain a camera style that, although you can adjust more freely today, reflects the distinctly fixed feel of the previous series. You will encounter many scenarios where the battle or exploration process occurs with a relatively close camera angle, but is immediately adjusted (away) when the battle conditions require it. Camera angles like this still make platforming action, jumping from one place to another, feel a little difficult. But instead of being annoying, this situation actually produced a strong nostalgic sensation.

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So like the previous Devil May Cry series, it is still a stylish action game. Even the style is arguably the "main element" for him. The more varied your attacks, the more combos you generate, the more effectively you finish off the enemy's HP bar, then you will be faced with an increased force value as well. Going from "D" as the lowest value to "SSS" as the highest value, this force number will determine how many Red Orbs you reap. So as can be predicted, Red Orb serves as a resource to strengthen each existing character through the item purchase system and abilities, both through Van.

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But the main selling point of Devil May Cry 5 cannot be denied that it lies in the 3 character system that it carries. Even though you cannot choose freely and only follow the side of the story, you will have the opportunity to fight as Nero, V, and Dante in different opportunities. The good news? Not just a different appearance, the three of them come with unique attack characteristics that make the Devil May Cry 5 story sequence itself not feel repetitive. This is one of the things that makes Devil May Cry 5 feel fantastic.

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Nero arrives with Devil Breaker. Given that Devil Bringer, who was his mainstay in the fourth series, was lost to Yamato, the collaboration with Nico gave him a new mechanical hand. What's cool again? Not just one, there will be so many Devil Breaker variants that Nero can use along the way, each of which has different properties and uses. There are Devil Breakers such as "Tomboy" which will automatically activate Nero's sword motor to the maximum level, "Punch Line" which can make the hand slide and attack enemies automatically, to "Gerbera" which allows you to jump in the air while dealing damage to the enemy. enemy.

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Devil Breaker is positioned like an item. Nero will be able to carry several of these Devil Breakers at once, but is absent with the ability to select and replace them whenever he wants. Each of them appeared so fragile. If you end up being attacked / taking damage when a Devil Breaker is attacked, it will be destroyed permanently. This means, any abilities that you just used will disappear and be replaced by the next variant of Devil Breaker. You will also lose your Devil Breaker if you execute the strongest attack variant which is usually effective to produce its own AOE effect. You can also destroy this Devil Breaker manually for an anti-fail parry action which is usually effective at preventing you from the enemy's grab attacks. There's a level of strategy in Nero's new "weapon".

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Simply put, Devil Breaker acts as a "substitute" for Devil Bringer which is quite effective. Moreover, he is also strengthened by the Devil Bringer-style Grab ability which allows Nero to draw enemies closer or make him approach bigger enemies instantly, opening the potential for further combination attacks. Nero also returns with the charging capability for his distinctive motorized sword, allowing for more damage if executed properly. With all the combinations of things he can do, the layers of strategy for playing Nero are indeed thickened, especially in the first playthrough. It's no longer a matter of how fast you attack or dodge, but also thinking about the Devil Breaker sequences you bring into battle. Our favorite? Still "Tomboy" who acts as a high risk - high reward hand.

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V comes as the most unique and different character compared to Nero and Dante (which we will discuss next). Because instead of fighting with his own hands, V acts as a summoner who relies on his three mainstay monsters - Griffon (bird), Shadow (panther), and Nightmare - a giant monster that can change shape with great laser abilities. Nightmare is positioned as an ultimate attack similar to Devil Trigger, while Shadow is a melee attack and Griffon is a range attack. Given its more vulnerable position, you are encouraged to play more carefully with V. Keeping your distance while giving orders for your three monsters to finish off whoever is in sight is the best solution. In the end, V will move to throw a final blow at whoever the summon manages to defeat.

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It must be admitted, that of the three characters, V is indeed counted as the most noob-friendly character. Why? Because there are lots of situations where you can spam your summon, without the specific Devil May Cry sequences all this time, and see your "style" bar spike rapidly and the enemy gets stuck. All you need to do with V is just make sure you're behind the line of battle and dodge it when needed. The rest? Pressing the melee and range buttons is as hot as possible and brings out Nightmare when the moment is right. Even at a high level of difficulty, a strategy like this can still work.

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Because of this kind of system, we suspect that V itself was designed by Capcom to make it easier for newcomer gamers who are still clumsy with a combination attack system that might feel difficult. Why? Because at some point in the story where you have the opportunity to choose a character, V is always there. It feels like an instant solution for those who don't want to be complicated by Dante and Nero's "crap".

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As for Dante, this super cool demon hunter is still as you know him. Unlike Nero who relies on Devil Breaker, Dante's attacks are focused on one word - Flexibility. First, it is reinforced with 4 types of styles - Trickster (evade), Gunslinger (range), Swordmaster (melee), and Royal Guard (defense), each of which will give you special skills depending on the weapon you are using, until you can adjust it to the conditions of the battle. Second? Dante has the ability to change range and melee weapons instantly when fighting. Depending on how "good" and fast your hand is, there are a lot of potential combination attacks you can generate. Even at his aging age, Dante is still a demon hunter with the most stylish combination of attacks.

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One interesting thing about the three character system that makes the Devil May Cry 5 story session less boring is the fact that the three of them share the same Red Orb. That's right, instead of making this super important resource present specific for each character, it actually comes with a sharing system. This means, how "valuable" you are for each character you use will greatly affect the possibility of upgrading for other characters. This also means, you have the opportunity to collect Red Orbs with the characters you think are the easiest to use and distribute them to the characters that in your eyes, are the most difficult. With this new extra skill, there is a chance that this "difficult" character in your eyes will be much easier to tolerate. We ourselves appreciate a system like this.

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Meanwhile, in terms of innovation, Devil May Cry 5 comes with a new system called "Cameo System" which can actually be simplified as cooperative multiplayer that you cannot control at all. Previously, we discussed moments where you can choose a character in one branch of the story or how the story puts you in the middle of moving with other characters. The cool thing is, Capcom ensures that any character that you don't choose, for example, will still be present in battle, but is played by other users who happen to choose that character. Everything runs in real-time, which means you'll enjoy these levels alongside other users.

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At the end of the game, you can rate how "Stylish" their play style is which of course, will reward them with a Gold Orb. Gold Orb is a resource that you can sacrifice for the revive process. The same process works the other way around, where they can assess your performance and provide you with these resources.

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With all of these combined, Devil May Cry 5 is definitely fulfilling the dreams of two types of gamers. Gamers who are familiar with this old series of salty acids will be able to enjoy all the familiar sensations and a strong identity that is maintained. Everything is wrapped with a new sensation for V gameplay action that moves forward. While on the other hand, newcomers also have room to enjoy all the reasons why Devil May Cry is always staying as one of the best action games.

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So like the habits of the previous Devil May Cry series, this is also not a game designed for you to enjoy just one time. If you come only for the story, 20 missions to end the "Son of Sparda" arc that have been scattered over the last four series, are not exactly long. Moreover, some of the levels are short and focused on cut-scenes, for example. But in the end it must be admitted, that Devil May Cry 5 is not a game that you just play once. The sensation of true pleasure lies in the second playthrough.

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One of its charms is the difficulty level. The way Capcom handles the difficulty level is not only by increasing enemy damage which makes you more vulnerable, but also changing the overall composition of the enemy. If you finish in "Devil Hunter" and then move on to "Son of Sparda" for example, almost all enemy composition changes. Many of the enemies that you previously encountered in the final levels, for example, have now been encountered since the beginning of the game. Such a system raises the level of challenge rationally and makes the situation even more tense than before. The higher difficulty also means that it will be more difficult for you to find healing Orbs when fighting, but on the other hand, it is more likely that you will harvest more Red Orbs. With a system like this, we can even call that the Devil May Cry 5 sensation that should lie at the very least - the “Son of Sparda” difficulty level.

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Second? Playing it back is also strengthened by all the character progress that you have previously achieved. This means you will come with all the equipment and skills that you have unlocked in the last playthrough, which now allows you to act cooler from the first mission. In fact, in one of the "special" cases, you will only be able to reap the full abilities of the character if you have completed it once. While on the other hand, equipment like "Faust Hat" from Dante where you can sacrifice Red Orb to get more Red Orbs will certainly be more enjoyable if you can use it since the first time you use Dante.

devil may cry 5 review

The third reason? Believe it or not, Devil May Cry 5 also has one extra alternative ending that is enough to make you smile. Even though you don't get a special cut-scene and only describe it in words, the opportunity to open this alternative ending will be more open as each of your characters gets stronger. The higher the difficulty level you reach, the easier it will be for you to get the alternative ending when trying it again at a lower difficulty level. Of course for the fourth reason? There are extra unlockables that you can go after if you are a masochistic gamer to torture yourself.

With a concept like this, Devil May Cry 5 is indeed unique. On paper, it was indeed a short game that could be completed in a short amount of time. But for a concept like this, you need to play it at least twice to get the sensation it should. We highly recommend that you start with "Devil Hunter" and work your way up to "Son of Sparda" for that.

So what can be concluded from Devil May Cry 5? We do not hesitate to call it a fantastic series that makes the process of waiting for a dozen years pay off sweetly. As if to prove that they are now back at their best, Capcom knows very well what fans want for Devil May Cry 5 and ensures that every element is fulfilled. We are talking about action gameplay that is still full of style, intense action sensations, super cool music, and stunning visualization based on RE Engine. Everything is wrapped with the opportunity to enjoy and master it at a higher difficulty level, get commensurate rewards, while enjoying super cool cut-scenes that are ready to spoil the eyes. Don't forget about Nico's presence and how this character ends up not just selling sensuality.

But does this mean Devil May Cry 5 counts as the perfect game? Almost. If there's one complaint we have to throw in it is the level design itself. Gamers who have tasted the old Devil May Cry series may not complain much about the level design, which must be admitted, not too varied. But it's hard not to admit that deep down, there is a dream to see a Devil May Cry series that is more ambitious in terms of moving levels. Especially to provide a clearer picture of the world and the lore he is carrying. Seeing a few levels reused over a countless number of 20 missions is certainly disappointing. There is so much potential there.

Even so, Devil May Cry 5 is a series that we really recommend, whether for those of you who are familiar with this franchise or those who are just about to jump into it. Capcom has successfully formulated a series that will satisfy two types of gamers like this through a variety of on-target executions on all fronts. Great job, Capcom!
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