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This is Live Wallpaper For Android | 魔女与乌鸦 - In this live wallpaper you can get the wonderful Home Screen in your android phone, and this is compatible with all android device like Realme, OPPO, Samsung, VIVO etc.

So if you like get new beautiful home screen, i think you should try this.

The Witch of the Western Kingdom is one of the four witches of the Kingdom of Oz. She enslaves the Western Kingdom of Wenqis and lives in a castle. She possesses a golden crown that can summon flying monkeys, and uses them to rule Wenqisi and defeat the magician Oz. One of her eyes is blind, and the other eye is very sharp and can see far away like a telescope. But she was afraid of touching water.

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How To Install

2. Install VideoWall-1.3.10 Premium
3. Download Live Wallpaper In This Website Link Download In The End Of This Post
4. Unzip/Extract With ZArchiver or RAR
5. Open VideoWall
6. Choose The Live Wallpaper There, Watch The Video Below If You Don't Understand!

Watch This Video For Details

魔女与乌鸦 [47 MB]

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