Angel Fly Arknights | Android Live Wallpaper

This is Live Wallpaper For Android | Angel Fly Arknights - In this live wallpaper you can get the wonderful Home Screen in your android phone, and this is compatible with all android device like Realme, OPPO, Samsung, VIVO etc.

So if you like get new beautiful home screen, i think you should try this.

Everyone’s favorite redheaded guardian angel. With a powerful SMG in her hand, she not only serves good looks but also significant firepower! As a single target Sniper, Exusiai’s main role in the team is providing DPS in the early stage of a mission and taking down airborne units. Her specialty is dealing large amounts of damage through multi-hit attacks, which elevates her ability to take down low armor, high HP targets like most bosses.

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How To Install

2. Install VideoWall-1.3.10 Premium
3. Download Live Wallpaper In This Website Link Download In The End Of This Post
4. Unzip/Extract With ZArchiver or RAR
5. Create Folder "Tresnadev" in "Internal/Here!"
6. Copy/Move Extracted folder to "Tresnadev" folder
7. Open VideoWall
8. Choose The Live Wallpaper There, Watch The Video Below If You Don't Understand!

Watch This Video For Details

Angel Fly Arknights [70 MB]

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